Eat & Drink Places

A dinner in the Bistrot de l'Auberge is not only the pleasure of exquisite food, but it is also the magic ambiance of the festive old years.

Marco Polo Café is situated in the Marco Polo Mansion, a lavish hotel in the heart of the old Turkish Quarter of Rhodes Town. The building itself dates back to the 15th century when the Ottoman Empire was in its prime.

Tamam proclaims that it speaks only the ‘language of food.’ The restaurant boasts a menu, which consists of a mixture of Greek, Mediterranean and international influences. The chefs create dishes that redefine the meaning of good food, inspired by the authenticity of taste and using the finest of the ingredients.

Antonis is famous for its original Rhodian cuisine and the friendly atmosphere. It is located in the center of Ialysos, a popular village with tourist development.

Cactus is a beautiful restaurant, located in Faliraki, offering high-quality services. The menu is extensive with many international options,  however, there is also a wide variety of home-made Greek dishes.

Drosoulites is a cozy tavern with a characteristic Cretan ambiance. Tables are set inside and around an imposing, reddish, neoclassical mansion, with Cretan music playing all day long. The name refers to a ghostly legend, that dates back to the Cretan rebellion times in 1828. The menu includes mainly traditional, Cretan dishes. On the drinks list, you will also find raki, tsipouro and ouzo options.

Felicia is a lovely place with aesthetic dining areas and delicious Italian cuisine. It is located in the heart of Rhodes overlooking the sea. Here, you will meet all kinds of pasta dishes and pizzas cooked in the traditional way.

Griniaris Traditional Tavern is like a secret that only a few know about. It is situated in an old neighborhood of Rhodes, in a cozy place with a yard full of flowers. Its menu consists mainly of seafood options and traditional appetizers. If you love wine, then you won't be disappointed, as Griniaris offers a range of different local wines.

Hatzikelis is a world-class seafood restaurant, frequented by celebrity clientele. Their signature dishes use classic Greek flavors to enliven traditional seafood recipes, whether it is mussels with tomato sauce and feta cheese or shrimps in ouzo sauce. Whether served whole or in a smaller helping, the grilled fish is one of the main reasons why Hatzikelis has become so reputated.

The Traditional Greek Restaurant "Paraga" is located at the entrance of Apollona village, where the Italian officers' club was once housed. "Paraga" has become a meeting point for both locals and visitors, guarding the island’s culinary tradition. Using only fresh, local ingredients from the fertile land of Apollona, Paraga offers original flavors of Rhodian cuisine to all visitors. 

Located in the main square of Lindos, Mavrikos is one of the oldest restaurants in the area and it is still run by the Mavrikos family. The Chef is renowned for the elegance and simplicity of his flavors. At Mavrikos you will have the chance to try tasty dishes from the Greek and French cuisines.

Melenos is an atmospheric restaurant on the top floor of Melenos Lindos hotel. It serves high-quality dishes, based on the Greek and Mediterranean cuisines. Its medieval-style tents and mosaic floor, create a unique ambiance, that reminds us of the old medieval times. The restaurant itself offers stunning views over the Aegean and the two natural harbors at Lindos. Above the restaurant, the fortified acropolis is lit up at night. 

Located in the square of Lindos, Mythos is a popular restaurant bar offering spectacular views to the port of Lindos and the Acropolis. The restaurant has traditional decoration and it is open all day.

This is a family run tavern in the square of Asklipio, a lovely village in the southern side of Rhodes. Apart from the traditional recipes and the wonderful new tastes, Nikolas place is also famous for the hospitality of the owners.

Romeo Restaurant is housed in a restored 500-year-old building, near the castle walls of the Old Town of Rhodes. This old stone building with its traditional shutters gives you a feel of ancient times.